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Hello Program

*Fall 2023 application intake is now closed*

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Building on the success of our previous Unified General Auditions and Designers’ Spotlight programs, and recognizing the evolving needs of our community, the GVPTA is proud to offer Hello. This program offers offers a platform for participating theatre performers, designers, stage managers, and production professionals to get on the radar of theatre hiring personnel. 

Individuals may apply to up to two of three streams: Performers, Designers, or Arts Workers (in the areas of stage management, production management, or technical direction). Those selected to participate in the program will be invited to submit an introduction video and related pitch materials to accompany their resumé, all viewable through an online platform by registered directors, producers, production managers, and other theatre hiring personnel from across the province. Materials will be available for viewing for a duration of three months.

While our focus is Metro Vancouver and surrounding regions, applications were accepted from individuals based in other communities within B.C.

Hello is held and managed on the principles of equity and diversity. Participants from all backgrounds were invited, including, but not limited to: race, ethnicity, indigeneity, gender, sexual orientation, class, mental and physical ability.

Artists and arts workers: Application deadline is September 26, 4:00pm 

Applications from theatre hiring personnel interested in accessing the online viewing portal are open on a rolling basis.  Theatre personnel can learn how to apply/register for access here.

If you work in a sector of the theatre industry other than Performing, Design, Production Management, Technical Direction, or Stage Management, and are interested in the Hello Program, please email Mishelle at and we are happy to discuss your options.

Scroll down to learn about applying to the three program streams.

Application Deadline: September 26, 2023, 4:00pm

How is this program different from the Unified General Auditions (UGAs) or Designers' Spotlight?

While the UGAs functioned as general auditions for hiring companies in BC, Hello is a variation on our previous Designers' Spotlight program, focused on sharing introductions with hiring personnel. Based on feedback from the community, our new program will include performers and designers, and has been expanded to include folks with experience in the areas of stage management, production management, and technical direction.

The goal of this program is to offer a platform for hiring personnel to get to know local theatre workers who are looking for employment, and to get a sense of who each individual is, both as a person and as an artist or arts worker.

Overview & Eligibility

Applicants who are selected to participate in the Hello program will be invited to submit a self-recorded introduction to accompany their resumé and other related materials.

These materials will be made available for viewing for a three-month duration by directors, producers, production managers, and other hiring personnel seeking new collaborators. They will have access to download resumés in order to directly follow up with those they're interested in speaking with. 

Applicants may apply to a maximum of two program streams:

  • Performers*; and
  • Designers: Set, Props, Costume, Sound, Lighting, or Video / Projection; OR 
  • Arts Workers*: Stage Managers, Production Managers, & Technical Directors

Applicants must:

  • Be based in British Columbia;
  • Be seeking work in theatre between now and December, 2024; and
  • Have training or work experience in their indicated discipline or field of interest.

Priority will be given to those who are:
  • An emerging theatre artist or arts worker; and/or
  • Identify as being from an underrepresented community (This may include, but not limited to: First Nations, Inuit, or Métis peoples; racialized artists; person who has/is blind, low vision, limited mobility, neurodiverse, deaf, hearing loss; living with a disability; minority language communities; LGBTQ2+); and/or
  • New to British Columbia (moved to BC between 2020 and 2023); and/or
  • A mid-career or established theatre artist or arts worker looking to expand their work into a new facet of the industry.
Those invited to participate in the program will be required to become an Individual member of GVPTA for the current year.

PLEASE NOTE: Artists and Arts Workers who participated in the April, 2023 Hello intake can opt to keep their existing Hello profiles active until February 28, 2024, but they will not be eligible to submit new or updated videos for this intake.

Program Streams: Learn more

Individuals may apply to a maximum of two program streams. 

Those who submit a Performer application may also be eligible to apply as an Arts Worker or Designer. Those who submit a Designer application may also be eligible to apply as a Performer, but not as an Arts Worker. 

Select the relevant stream below for to learn more about how the program works, including eligibility and expectations, how to apply, and what is required of you if your application is approved and you are invited to participate in the Hello program.

Successful applicants in each stream will be invited to submit a self-recorded introduction, including information about their professional mandate/philosophy, practice, and other personal information that may be of interest to prospective collaborators, as well as headshot (if relevant), web links or portfolio file for viewing by participating directors and other hiring personnel. 
Hello I'm a performer

Performer Guidelines

For those seeking opportunities as a live theatre performer. Click the heading above for performers' guidelines.
Hello I'm a designer

Designer Guidelines

For designers seeking opportunities who work in set, props, costume, sound, lighting, video / projection, or other design areas. Click the heading above for designers' guidelines.
Hello I'm an arts worker

Arts Worker Guidelines

For stage managers, production managers, technical directors, and related professions seeking opportunities in theatre. Click the heading above for arts workers' guidelines.

Application Deadline: September 26, 2023, 4:00pm

​Theatre Hiring Personnel Registration

Is your organization or theatre company looking for new performers, theatre designers (set, props, costume, sound, lighting, video / projection, or other design areas), technical directors, stage managers, or production managers for your upcoming projects and productions? 

If you're a director or a person responsible for hiring, apply to join the current intake of the Hello program to learn about B.C. artists and arts workers seeking opportunities. 

Representatives of GVPTA Company & Associate Members in good standing access the program free of charge. Non-members pay a fee of $35+GST.

Uncertain if your organization is a current GVPTA member? Email Amanda Peters, Associate Executive Director, at

Applications From Hiring Personnel Now Open


Questions about the Hello program? Email Mishelle Cuttler, Programs Manager, at