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Greater Vancouver Professional Theatre Alliance (GVPTA)

Programs + Initiatives

Technical Mentorship Pilot Program 

The Greater Vancouver Professional Theatre Alliance (GVPTA) Technical Mentorship Pilot Program (TMPP) seeks to build capacity and strengthen the theatre industry and community by creating a network for new and emerging workers in the field of technical direction. TMPP provides opportunities for the next generation of leaders in technical roles within the theatre community to learn from experts in their fields as well as from their peers.

A pilot project for 2020, the TMPP is a free program designed to facilitate support, guidance, and learning opportunities for emerging technicians and prospective technical directors in the theatre industry by providing one-on-one mentorship sessions with senior-level individuals in the industry over a six-month period. Additionally, the program will offer opportunities for participants to attend networking events and access additional training or professional development.

Recognizing that both mentors and mentees have valuable experience, insight, and skills to offer each other, they will work together to:
  • Build an understanding of the mentee’s profession/industry from the mentor’s unique perspective;
  •  Help build an understanding of workplace culture;
  • Build occupationally specific professional networks to achieve their career goals;
  • Enhance their leadership, communication, and cultural competency skills.

Note that the mentor's role is not to find a job for the mentee. 

Learn more about the program below.

Technical Mentorship Pilot Program F.A.Q.s

Mentors should have significant experience as a technical director or production manager in the theatre or live events industry.

Mentees should be an emerging professional in the theatre industry, or be currently enrolled, have completed some post secondary education or related industry training with an aim to further their career in the technical field.
Program Dates: March-August (6 months)

  • November 2019: Pilot Program launch; intake of expressions of interest from mentees and mentors opens
  • January 14, 2020: Expressions of interest deadline
  • Late January: Vetting process and review
  • Early February: Successful applicants are notified of their acceptance and invited to participate in a program orientation
  • February: Online program orientation
  • March – August 2020: Program delivery
  • September 2020: Program evaluation and report 
Commitment & Availability
Commitment to the mentoring relationship is an important part of the program. Each mentor and mentee relationship is expected to commit to a one-hour mentorship meeting each month as well as additional time to coordinate their meetings and participate in program feedback for the duration of the program.

If the mentor or mentee will be temporarily unavailable for a short period of time (e.g. traveling for work, on vacation, or studying for exam periods), they should notify their mentee/mentor in advance. There is an expectation that program participants will also take part in networking events, and that mentees complete a minimum number of program training hours.

Those unable to fulfill their responsibilities or who are having difficulty in their mentoring relationship should contact the GVPTA staff to discuss the appropriate course of action.

Participant commitment includes a willingness to:
  • Attend an orientation session at the outset of the program
  • Provide clear insight and feedback on topics relating to their field
  • Commit to the six-month duration of the program
  • Commit a minimum of one hour of one-on-one mentoring by phone or online each month
  • Contribute to the program evaluation process by providing meaningful feedback on their experience.
Pilot Program Evaluation & Debrief
Throughout the pilot program cycle, there will be various checkpoints to ensure that mentors and mentees are being supported, expectations are being met, and to enable a rewarding mentorship experience. In between these scheduled checkpoints, GVPTA encourages and welcomes your feedback to help us assess the pilot program.

Upon completion of the pilot program cycle, GVPTA will organize a debriefing session with participants to discuss their expectations and experience of the program.
Expressions of Interest
GVPTA is accepting Expressions of Interest from those who wish to apply as mentors or mentees by January 14, 2020 at 4:00 pm. 

We encourage applicants to review the forms prior to submitting to ensure they meet all submission requirements. 



Contact Kenji Maeda, Executive Director with questions about the Technical Mentorship Pilot Program.