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Hello: Directors & Hiring Personnel

Hello I'm a Performer
Is your organization or theatre company looking for new performers, theatre designers (set, props, costume, sound, lighting, video / projection, or other design areas), stage managers, production managers, or technical directors for your upcoming projects and productions within the next year? 

Directors and theatre hiring personnel are invited to register to access the Hello program to learn about B.C. artists and arts workers seeking opportunities over the next 12 months. 

The Spring 2024 application intake of performers, designers, and arts workers is now open. New profiles will be available for viewing on the platform in April. 

Applications from directors and hiring personnel to access the viewing platform are now accepted.
What is the Hello program? How does it differ from the Unified General Auditions (UGAs) and Designers’ Spotlight?
​Hello is the next iteration of GVPTA’s former Unified General Auditions and Designers’ Spotlight program. 

While the Unified General Auditions (UGAs) functioned as general auditions for hiring companies in BC, Hello is focused on sharing introductions with hiring personnel. Based on feedback from the community, the program has expanded to include folks with experience in the areas of stage management, production management, and technical direction.

Please note that this program does NOT satisfy CTA or ITA requirements for annual auditions. 

The goal of this program is to offer a platform for hiring personnel to get to know local theatre workers who are looking for employment, and to get a sense of who each individual is, both as a person and as an artist or arts worker.

If you are a theatre director, producer, or other personnel responsible for hiring performers, theatre designers, stage managers, technical directors, and/or production managers for projects in the next 12 months, you are now invited to submit an application to view the current participating artists and arts workers’ introductory materials through the online viewing platform.
Participating directors and hiring personnel will receive access to an online platform for a six-month period to review: 
  1. Performers' introduction and showcase videos, headshots and resumés;
  2. Designers' introduction videos, portfolios and resumés; and 
  3. Stage managers', production managers’, and technical directors' introduction videos and resumés. 
Eligibility & Expectations

​Expand the accordion below to learn about whether you're eligible to apply, and what to expect if your application is approved. 


Only individuals who have responsibility for recommending or hiring performers, designers, or arts workers are eligible to access the viewing platform. Approval of requests is at the discretion of the GVPTA. 

Representatives of GVPTA Company and Associate Members in good standing access the program free of charge. 

Independent theatre hiring personnel not affiliated with a GVPTA Company or Associate Member may apply to access the program for a fee if:

  1. they have a history of directing or producing shows; and
  2. they plan to hire for a production or project within the next year.

Approval of directors or other hiring personnel will be at the discretion of GVPTA. 

Participation fees
  • Company Members and Associate Members - No additional fee to participate.

  • Non-Members - $35+GST per person. It may be to your advantage to join as a Company or Associate member; learn more about annual membership with GVPTA here.

If you are unsure about your company's membership status, email Amanda Peters at

What should I expect if my application is approved?
Directors and other theatre hiring personnel invited to participate in Hello can expect the following:
  • Applications will be approved on a rolling basis;

  • Access to the online viewing platform will be sent to each registered individual;

  • A summary document listing the randomized order in which participants appear in the platform will be provided;

  • Links to downloadable resumés and headshots (if applicable) will be provided;

  • Video introductions are accessible within the viewing platform only, and cannot be saved or downloaded.

If my application is approved, what can directors and hiring personnel expect to find on the platform?

Applications from directors and other theatre hiring personnel will be approved on a rolling basis, and a unique link to access the online viewing platform will be sent to each approved individual from a registered organization. 

Through September, 2024, registered representatives of organizations can access introductory videos (each a maximum of 5 minutes in duration) and supporting materials by the following: 

  • Performers: You will have access to self-recorded introductions and artistic showcases (monologue, song, dance/movement piece, or other talent), resumés, and headshots.

  • Designers: You will have access to introduction videos and resumés, along with each designer’s portfolio either incorporated into their video, or provided as a PDF or weblink. Fields of expertise include set, props, costume, sound, lighting, video / projection, or other design areas.

  • Arts Workers: You will have access to introduction videos and resumés by stage managers and production managers. 

In their recorded videos, participants may discuss their artistic mandate and/or philosophies, their practice, relevant skills, interests, and other information they wish to share with potential employers and collaborators. 

Other Details:

  • The viewing platform will remain open for this session until September, 2024. 

  • You may log into the viewing platform as many times as you wish until September. 

  • Each introductory video will not exceed 5 minutes.

  • Registrants will be provided access to the downloadable files (resumés, headshots, and PDF portfolios) as well as a summary document listing all participants for your convenience and future follow-up. 

  • NOTE: Introduction and showcase videos are not downloadable.

What was the criteria for participating artists and arts workers?

Participating artists and arts workers are pre-screened and selected through an application process in September 2023 (Fall 2023 intake) and March 2024 (Spring 2024 intake).

Criteria for performers, designers, and arts workers required that they:

  • Are based in British Columbia and seeking work in theatre between now and June, 2025;

  • Have experience or training in: 

    • Performers: Live theatre performance

    • Designers: Set, Props, Costume, Sound, Lighting, or Video / Projection

    • Arts Workers: Stage Management, Production Management, or Technical Direction

Priority is given to those who:

  • are an emerging artist or arts worker; and/or

  • are new to British Columbia (moved between 2020 and 2024); and/or

  • identify as being from an underrepresented community; and/or

  • are a mid-career or established artist in BC looking to expand to a new facet of the industry.

While GVPTA’s focus is Metro Vancouver and surrounding regions, we accepted submissions from individuals based in other communities within B.C.

*The Hello program is held and managed on the principles of equity and diversity. We invited artists and arts workers from all backgrounds including, but not limited to: race, ethnicity, indigeneity, gender, sexual orientation, class, mental and physical ability.

How do I apply to access materials and videos?
Please note: Submitting an application to register does not guarantee an invitation to participate.
1. Complete the online form

Complete the online form using the red button at the bottom of this section to apply for one or more members of your organization who wish to view the platform. 

We require the name and unique email for each participating individual as the platform is accessed via email address.

  • Each person can apply via the form for their own access, or you may choose to have one representative submit a single application for multiple people within your organization. 
  • A maximum of five (5) individuals per company are permitted to participate. 

If you are unsure about your company's membership status, email Associate Executive Director Amanda Peters at
2. Application review and notification
GVPTA will review each application to verify eligibility to access the materials.

Once the platform is open for viewing, we will email unique access links to each eligible registered individual

For GVPTA’s internal tracking purposes, each access link for the platform is unique, therefore we ask that you do not share the link you receive with anyone else. 
3. Platform access

Access to the viewing platform for this intake will be approved for registered users on a rolling basis.

The platform will be available for registrants to access as many times as they wish until September, 2024Registrants may start and stop their review of the materials as needed until the cut-off month.

Registrants will receive an email reminder in advance of the platform closing.
4. Post-participation feedback survey
Once access to the platform is closed for this cycle, a survey will be sent to each registrant to ask about their experience.

How can I follow up with artists or arts workers that I’m interested in working with?
​Each registered company representative will be provided with resumés of participating artists and arts workers in order to directly follow up with those they’re interested in connecting with about future projects. 

GVPTA is not a producing organization and will not be a liaison for any of the companies in matching performers, designers, or arts workers with directors or hiring personnel.

Reach out to Programs Manager Mishelle Cuttler at with any additional questions about participating in the Hello program.