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2022 Unified General Auditions & Designers' Spotlight

UPDATE: The UGAs and Designers' Spotlight programs have been adapted for 2023! GVPTA is pleased to introduce the Hello program, providing the opportunity for performers, designers, and now stage managers and production professionals to share self-introduction videos or audio recordings, resumés and other professional materials with directors, producers, and other theatre hiring personnel. 

Registration for Hello for directors and hiring professionals will open soon. Application intake for performers, designers, stage managers, production managers, and technical directors is now open. 

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In 2021 and 22, theatre actors and designers based in B.C. were invited to submit an application for the opportunity to have their auditions and portfolios be seen by directors, producers, and theatre hiring personnel as part of GVPTA's Unified General Auditions and Designers' Spotlight. 

The process was conducted digitally, through self-tape auditions, portfolio submissions, and introductory videos shared with registered directors and hiring personnel. 

While our focus is Metro Vancouver and surrounding regions, we accepted applications from individuals based in other communities within B.C.

The UGAs and Designers' Spotlight have been held and managed on the principles of equity and diversity. We invited participants from all backgrounds including, but not limited to: race, ethnicity, indigeneity, gender, sexual orientation, class, mental and physical ability.

Unified General Auditions (UGAs)

The Unified General Auditions (UGAs) are general auditions that the GVPTA holds each spring. They are an opportunity for theatre actors to be seen by casting directors from throughout the region. 


Designers' Spotlight (DS)

We welcomed submissions in 2022 from theatre designers to submit their portfolio and video introducing themselves and their work. This is an opportunity for emerging and mid-career designers in set, props, costume, sound, lighting, or video/projection to connect directly with directors and hiring personnel from companies in the B.C. theatre community.


Directors & Theatre Hiring Personnel Registration

Directors and other personnel responsible for hiring performers or designers could apply for access to view the 2022 online Unified General Auditions and Designers' Spotlight. Online viewing of performers' and designers' submissions was open from early April through mid-June 2022. 



  • If you are a performer or designer and have any questions about the UGAs or DS, email
  • If you are a director or a company represented interested in viewing auditions or portfolios and have questions about participating, contact Amanda Peters (

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