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2022 Unified General Auditions & Designers' Spotlight

Directors & Theatre Hiring Personnel

Registration/applications for directors and other hiring personnel is closed

The 2022 Unified General Auditions and Designers' Spotlight were presented virtually, with recorded auditions and portfolio submissions and introductory videos provided to directors and theatre hiring personnel via an online viewing platform over a two-month period, April through June. 

Applications are closed. Subscribe to our newsletter for updates on the 2023 program. 

Who can attend GVPTA's Unified General Auditions or Designers' Spotlight as someone seeking new talent?

Directors and other personnel responsible for hiring performers or designers for your company's productions or theatre projects are invited to submit an application to view this year's videos and submissions for this year's Unified General Auditions and Designers' Spotlight. Those participating will receive access to an online platform to review performers' audition and introduction videos, headshots, resumés, and designers' introduction videos, portfolios and resumés. 

Each member of your organization who is interested in participating must be listed on the application. This may include artistic directors, technical directors, production managers, or others responsible for hiring performers or designers for your productions. 

Eligibility and Participation Fees

Only individuals who have responsibility for recommending or hiring performers or designers are eligible. Approval of requests is at the discretion of the GVPTA. 

Independent Directors or Hiring Personnel not affiliated with a GVPTA Company or Associate Member may attend if:

  • they have a history of directing or producing shows;
  • and are casting/hiring for a show within the next 12 months.

  • Company Members and Associate Members - No additional fee.
  • Non-Members - $35+GST per person.

Approval of directors or other hiring personnel will be at the discretion of GVPTA. 

If you are unsure about your company's membership status, email Amanda Peters at

What can I expect from the UGAs and Designers' Spotlight?

Each individual from your organization who has been approved to participate will receive a unique link to access the viewing platform. 

Performers: You will have access to 55-60 pre-recorded audition and introduction videos, resumés, and headshots. They will be grouped under three main categories:

  1. CAEA and UBCP Members;
  2. Past Participants (invited after attending pre-screen Qualifiers);
  3. New Participants (did not participate in pre-screen Qualifiers)

You will have access to 16 introduction videos and resumes, along with their portfolio which they are either incorporating into their video, providing as a PDF, or sharing as a weblink.

Other Details:

  • Each performer or designer video will be no longer than 5 minutes.
  • You will be provided access to the downloadable files (resumes, headshots, and PDF portfolios). 
  • NOTE: Audition and introduction videos are not downloadable.

How do I apply and access the materials?

  1. Complete the online form using the button below to apply for one or more members of your organization. We require the name and unique email for each person as the presentation platform is registered by email address.
    • A limit of five (5) access links to the viewing platform may be provided per company. 
    • Each person can apply via the form for themselves, or you may have one person apply for multiple people within your organization. The form accommodates up to five names.
  2. GVPTA will review each application to verify eligibility to access the materials.
  3. Once the platform is open for viewing, we will email individual access links to each eligible registered person
    • Each access link for the presentation platform is unique, therefore we ask that you do not share the link you receive with anyone else.
  4. Access to the performer and/or designer platform(s) is provided until mid-June. You may start and stop your review of the materials as needed until the cut-off date.
  5. Once access to the platform is closed, a survey will be sent out to ask about your experience.

Additional Questions?

If you have questions, contact Amanda Peters (