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Fall 2021 COVID-19 Sector Impact Survey 

This November GVPTA and other arts service organizations once again invited artists, arts workers, and arts and culture organizations from all arts and culture disciplines across British Columbia to complete the Fall 2021 version of the COVID-19 B.C. Arts & Culture Sector Impact Survey

This input is valuable in helping us understand the current realities felt by the cultural sector in British Columbia, and to assist arts service organizations to advocate for you. 

As with previous versions, the resulting report will be shared with federal, provincial, and municipal governments, other arts funders, and stakeholders within the community to help convey the situation of our sector and inform decision-making. 

Read the Fall 2021 summary report as well as past reports and backgrounder information here.

Survey F.A.Q.s
About the survey

Read the FAQs below.

What is this survey? How will the data be used?

As a follow-up to our impact reports released in June 2020 (details here), December 2020 (details here), and April 2021 (details here), we are once again asking artists, arts workers, and arts and culture organizations to help us understand where you are at today. 

The survey will take approximately 12-15  minutes but will vary depending on how many questions you choose to answer, and how in-depth you choose to respond.

In order to have a global picture and a more detailed understanding of the impact felt by the cultural sector in British Columbia and across Canada, non-personally identifying survey results may be integrated with other datasets and/or shared with analysts and researchers with expertise in cultural participation and consumption. 

For greater clarity, data we will NOT share response fields where we ask for personally identifiable details like your name, email, and organization.

What disciplines does the survey include?

This survey is for all arts disciplines, artists, arts workers, cultural organizations, and museums across B.C. 

Should multiple members of an organization complete the survey?

Survey questions differ for individuals vs. organizations. You may submit the survey as an individual (as an artist, arts worker, or both) and/or as an organization. 

Please ensure that only one representative of your organization completes the survey on behalf of the organization. Those responses should be reflective of the organization as a whole. 

All workers within a company, however, are welcome and encouraged to complete the survey as an individual, reflecting their personal experiences as an arts worker and/or an artist.

This means that some people may complete the survey twice.

What type of questions are being asked?

For organizations, we ask questions about human resources, logistics for in-person activities, financial priorities, and other impacts facing your organization. 

For individuals, we ask about financial impact, employment, comfort in different environments, and social impacts.

We also ask everyone about financial priorities, mental health, optimism, and gaps you currently identify in supports from all levels of government.

Most of the questions are optional, so you may choose to only answer questions you're comfortable responding to. 

Who will see my survey response?

GVPTA executive director Kenji Maeda will be the primary person accessing the raw data in order to validate data and to create the aggregate report. Amanda Peters, GVPTA communications manager, has access to the raw data in case of exceptional circumstances, but has thus far for previous Impact Surveys has not required access.

Personally identifiable information such as name, email, and organization name will be removed if some of the data is requested to be combined or reviewed with other research done across Canada.

If you have any questions or concerns about how your data will be used or accessed, please email

Who will be sent the report and how can I access it?

A report will be emailed to everyone who participated in the survey, and will be shared through our newsletter, website, and social channels. 

The report will also be circulated to federal, provincial, and municipal governments, other funders, and stakeholders in the community.

What is the deadline to complete the survey?

The deadline to complete the survey is Tuesday, November 23

We ask that you help spread the word about the survey to BC-based artists, arts workers, and arts and culture organizations in order for us to have a strong dataset for the report.

Questions about the survey? Contact executive director Kenji Maeda at