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Your official guide to what's on stage around Metro Vancouver

Theatre Guide Submissions

GVPTA's Theatre Guide is the top result when searching the web for theatre in Metro Vancouver. 
Make sure your production gets noticed: list early! Post your listing as far in advance of the show as you wish; postings stay up until the show is over.  
I want to submit a theatre listing

First time submitting a listing?

Please review all the guidelines and details included on this page prior to filling out the submission form.

When should I submit my listing?

You may submit a listing anytime using the form linked on this page. Please allow 2-3 business days for the listing to be reviewed and approved.

For inclusion in GVPTA's Theatre Guide newsletter, the deadline to submit listings for shows that start within the next two weeks is 4:00pm on the Monday prior to the newsletter issue date. (Note that this deadline was revised in March, 2024).

The Theatre Guide is issued every other Wednesday and promotes performances running throughout the upcoming two-week period.
What's included with a Standard or Featured Listing?
A listing is equal to one entry on the Theatre Guide and may be a single performance or run, or a festival with a single date range. 

Standard Listing

  • Text listing with performance run dates, company name, location, and event summary on Theatre Guide main page;
  • Detailed listing page with unique URL, including image, description, detailed dates/times/location, run time, ticket price and external link, map link, accessibility details, audience type, and type of event;
  • Listing in up to two issues of the bi-weekly GVPTA Theatre Guide newsletter, issued to 1,300+ subscribers (each Theatre Guide newsletter promotes shows and events taking place up to two weeks following the issue date);
  • Promotion via GVPTA's Twitter feed.  

Featured Listing

Available only for theatre performances*. Includes: 
  • Everything offered in a Standard listing, plus:
  • A featured spot in the Theatre Guide slideshow/banner and featured listing placement with graphic on the main listings page;
  • A featured spot in the GVPTA homepage slideshow starting 30 days prior to the show's run;
  • Priority placement with a graphic in GVPTA's bi-weekly Theatre Guide newsletter;
  • Featured promotion on Instagram. 
*Note that non-theatre activities do not appear in the newsletter and are not eligible for Featured listings. See Submission Guidelines section for qualifying activities for listings.
Rates and Payments

Standard Listing Rates

  • GVPTA Company Member: Free
  • GVPTA Associate: $10+GST
  • Regular Rate: $40+GST

Featured Listing Rates

  • GVPTA Company Member: $30+GST
  • GVPTA Associate: $40+GST
  • Regular Rate: $75+GST

Manual Entry Rates

Prefer not to use the online submission form? We can process your listing manually for an additional fee of $15 + GST per listing. 

Invoice Payments

  • You will receive an invoice by email once your listing has been approved. Payment is accepted by credit card at, by e-Transfer, or by cheque.

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All listings are subject to approval and all submission policies and fees are subject to change without notice. 
Submission Guidelines

​Eligible Listings 

Types of submissions accepted for the Theatre Guide:
  • Single theatre performances or full performance runs;
  • Single festival listing with a single date range (multi-disciplinary events considered; must have a theatre component);
  • Theatre company fundraisers or special events involving theatre will be considered under the category "Other Arts Events"**

As this is a theatre listings guide: 

  • Submissions of music/concert listings or dance performances without any theatre component are not accepted, however hybrid performances may be accepted. 
  • Listings for courses, conferences, or instructional workshops are not accepted, however free programs of this type may qualify for listing on the Professional Development board.  

Image Guidelines 

  • A graphic accompanies each listing on the Theatre Guide. Placement is based on the specifics for Standard and Featured listing levels. For optimal display across platforms, we recommend an image resolution of 1080x1080 pixels. Square format is preferred. 
  • The Theatre Guide's image placeholder is small, so for the sake of legibility we suggest an image with limited text within the graphic.

Other Form Field Details 

  • For performance runs with multiple locations, please submit a single listing, noting the locations and their related dates in the Event Dates and Times field. (i.e. Do not submit a separate listing for each location throughout the performance run). 
  • If your event includes talk-backs, relaxed performances, previews, promotional performances, or other special presentations for specific dates, include these in the Event Dates and Times field.
  • If tickets are pre-booked, provide a link in the Buy Tickets Link field. Note: You may submit a listing as early as you wish, however ticketing purchase, if applicable, should be available at the time of posting. 
  • The submission form includes a field for name and contact information of the person submitting the listing. Note that this information is required for GVPTA purposes only so that we may contact you with questions or other follow-up. Submitter details do not appear in your published listing.

Newsletter Promotion

  • Theatre performances which run longer than a month appear in a maximum of two issues of the bi-weekly GVPTA Theatre Guide newsletter during the show's run (e.g. A performance running throughout the summer months may be featured in only two newsletter issues). Submitters may request to be featured in specific issues if they wish. 
  • The Theatre Guide edition of the newsletter is issued on alternating Wednesdays. The deadline to submit an event for inclusion in the upcoming newsletter is 4:00pm PT on the Monday prior to the newsletter. (e.g. Submit by 4pm on Monday, March 25 for inclusion in the March 27 newsletter). 

All listings are subject to approval. All submission policies and fees are subject to change without notice. 

**Non-theatre activities do not appear in the newsletter and are not eligible for Featured listings.

Review the submission details. Click to expand each section.


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