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Greater Vancouver Professional Theatre Alliance (GVPTA)

Programs + Initiatives

Micro-Subsidy Pilot Program

In winter 2019/20, GVPTA introduced our Micro-Subsidy Pilot Program (MSPP), designed to lower financial barriers for artists to participate in professional development activities that enable them to advance their arts practice.

At GVPTA we are actively exploring strategies to decolonize our programs, activities, and our organization as a whole. A program in which we disseminate funds to increase the knowledge, skills, and experience of theatre artists in Metro Vancouver is one such strategy. 

Learn more about the program below.

Micro Subsidy Pilot Program F.A.Q.s

What does the pilot program look like?
A minimum of 10 individuals per intake period will receive up to $200 in subsidies in the form of reimbursements for professional development activities that take place between February and July 2020.

Questions about the MSPP may be directed to executive director Kenji Maeda at 

Application Deadline: February 28, 2020

Who is (and is not) eligible to apply?
  • Artists working in theatre (including interdisciplinary work where theatrical staging is a significant component) whose employment is primarily made up of short-term contracts, including designers, stage managers, playwrights, performers, directors, and producers.
  • Must be a GVPTA Individual member at the time of fund disbursement. (Membership fees range between $35 and $50 depending category. All memberships for the 2019-2020 season expire on August 31.)

Not Eligible:
  • Full time students.
  • Individuals working full-time at a theatre company or performing arts organization.
What is the minimum and maximum subsidy offered under the program?

A minimum of $20 and a maximum of $200 in subsidies may be requested across all three intakes. You may submit multiple activities in one application, or return later to submit a second application prior to each application deadline. 

What expenses are eligible for a subsidy?
Registration Fees (up to 75% subsidy) for
  • Workshops and Classes
  • Specialized Training and Intensives
  • Professionally-related conferences and symposiums

Multiple activities may contribute to the participant’s pre-approved maximum subsidy disbursement. Only activities which the applicant is attending may be eligible. 
What expenses are not eligible?
Registration Fees (up to 75% subsidy) for
  • Activities taking place outside of Canada. 
  • Taxes and service fees
  • Train the trainer courses
  • Tickets or attendance to shows / performances
  • Supplies to participate in training
  • Expenses already covered by another granting program
  • Expenses without corresponding itemized receipts
  • Expenses where a conflict of interest may be present
Examples of Activities
Applications may include one or multiple activities.

Example 1 - You are attending 3 different workshops that cost $40 each for a total of $120 in registration fees. 75% of the fee ($90) is eligible for a subsidy. If approved, you may submit for reimbursement three itemized receipts, or one itemized receipt that includes mention of all three workshops. 

Example 2 - You are attending a multi-day training and the registration fee is $500. 75% of the fee equals ($375) is eligible, however a maximum of $200 may be approved as per the program maximum per person.

Example 3 - On February 25, you apply for a workshop that took place in early February (Intake 1) that cost $40, and you also apply for $100 class you are taking in May (Intake 2). On March 15, you submit another application for a $75 workshop taking place in April (Intake 2). The Intake 1 activity will be assessed by March 20. Your two Intake 2 activities will be assessed March 31. 
Proof of Paid Registration
If approved for a subsidy, you will be required to submit receipts to receive a reimbursement.

The following is required on ALL itemized receipts in order to receive reimbursement:
  • Your name
  • Name of company or organization hosting the training/workshop/activity
  • Type of training/workshop/activity
  • Date of training/workshop/activity
  • Registration Fee (before tax, if applicable)

Note: Credit card transaction slips or statements, and bank account statements are not a sufficient form of documentation. We must receive a copy of the itemized receipt or invoice issued by the company. If you have any questions about eligible expenses or documentation, email
Assessment Questions & Criteria
Applications are reviewed by GVPTA and assessed based on available funds and the potential impact on your professional practice in theatre.

The application is meant to be simple and able to be completed within 10-15 minutes. Below are the questions asked within the application form:

About You
  1. Your Full Name (to be used for cheques)
  2. If different, your chosen name or artist name
  3. Email
  4. Phone 
  5. Mailing Address (required to issue cheques)
  6. Optional - Do you self-identify as an artist from an underrepresented community?
  7. Are you a current GVPTA Member?
  8. What do you do; what is your professional practice related to theatre?

Your Subsidy Request
  1. Which intake period are you applying for? (based on the start date of the activity)
  2. What do you want to attend? (Briefly describe the proposed workshop, training, or activity) (max 150 words)
  3. If available, provide a website link that includes details about the activity.
  4. When will it take place? (What are the specific dates of the activity)
  5. How much is the registration fee? (if submitting multiple activities, include each registration fee) 
  6. How much subsidy are you requesting? (maximum of 75% of registration fee)
  7. Briefly tell us what you hope to learn from the activity and how will it advance your work. (max 200 words)

Agree to the Terms of the Agreement
  • Submitting an application does not guarantee approval for a subsidy.
  • A subsidy is provided as a reimbursement of registration fees, subject to submission of eligible receipts. If complete receipts are not submitted by the requested date, a reimbursement will not be disbursed.
  • GVPTA will have the right to publicly acknowledge your name as a recipient of a subsidy.
  • You are required to be a GVPTA Individual member in order to be disbursed subsidy funds.
  • You have read the program guidelines.
  • If the proposed activity is cancelled or was not attended by the applicant, a reimbursement will not be issued.


Contact Kenji Maeda, Executive Director with questions about the Micro Subsidy Pilot Program.