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*GVPTA Members! Fill out our membership survey and be entered to win two tickets to the International Festival Tasting Room at the Vancouver International Wine Festival! Tickets are for Saturday February 28, 3pm-5pm; attendee must be 19 years of age or older. Deadline for survey is December 15 2014.

*The BC Stunt Committee has entered into a relationship with a high end medical facility called Fortius Sport & Health. The performance community is a high risk group for head injuries and Actsafe is pushing for everyone in our community to learn more about concussions to help ourselves and each other. With the help of Fortius and Actsafe, 2 sessions have been organized to jump-start this important education process. All levels of participants from production staff, to directors, to stage hands, to performers are welcome. To learn more please check out our blog.




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