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The Canada Council Announces New Funding Programs

The Announcement:


While more details roll out in the fall, by 2017 the Canada Council will have reduced the number of their funding programs from 147 to 6 non-disciplinary programs. Summarized below, the programs reflect a renewed focus on advancing art forms; ensuring that funded activities reflect the diverse nature of our communities, professional development, the dissemination of Canadian work across Canada and abroad, and on supporting the creation and dissemination of Aboriginal arts. There is greater access to funding for individual artists and collectives, reflecting the changing arts production models.


In his video announcement, Simon Brault states that during the transition the Council will respect commitments in place and current clients. However, there is no information on how long that transition period will be.

For an in depth break down of this new funding model and thoughts on this changing tide from GVPTA Director Dawn Brennan, click here.


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