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The Vancouver Theatre Guide is the top search result whenever people search the web for theatre in Vancouver.

Here’s how to take advantage of the Vancouver Theatre Guide:

1. Redeem your first free listing as a GVPTA member:

As a GVPTA member, you will receive one free listing during the season (i.e., September 1, 2017 – August 31, 2018). 

In addition, members will receive a discounted rate for all listings during the season:

$20 for each listing after the first free listing for member companies

2. Not a member yet? You can still list on the guide: 

If you are a non-member: $40 per listing.


*Note: A listing is equal to one entry on the Vancouver Theatre Guide. It can be a single show or a festival with a single date range. 

3. What is listed on the guide:

Each listing includes an image, show description, venue, opening and closing dates, a website link, and tags such as Event type and Audience.


4. Setup your listing now:

EXAMPLES OF LISTINGS: See the Vancouver Theatre Guide

5. If you have already used your free listing or you are a non-member, you can pay for your listing here: 

6. List early, list often:

Listings can be posted as far in advance of the show as you want, and will stay up until it’s over. 

7. All listings are featured in Casting the Net newsletter:

All listings will be sent out in our bi-monthly Casting the Net newsletter that goes out to our list of over 4000 subscribers. 


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