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Fueling social engagement and relevance for theatre in Metro Vancouver

Our Purpose: The Theatre Engagement Project is local theatre practitioners working together to make Metro Vancouver a vibrant, collaborative, diverse theatre hub – for audiences and for the theatre community.

Our Values: Collaboration, Diversity, Relevance, Risk

The Theatre Engagement Project grew out of an informal conversation at the November 2011 MAKING A SCENE conference. Through a series of large and small community conversations since that time we have developed shared community priorities.* We, as a community, intend to define and design our future.

The conversations have been focused around four pillars: 

  • Art: The practice, performance, and development of theatre
  • Diversity: Ensuring relevance through diversity of people, places, and practices
  • Infrastructure: Building a foundation for community, connection and creativity 
  • Public engagement: Engaging, educating and mobilizing our audiences and our supporters


At the MAKING A SCENE conference on May 5, 2016, work was done to delve into these four pillars and have groups start to brainstorm ways to move the important work of this project forward. The content from that conference handout is HERE


*A 28-page document containing the qualitative data collected through several series of consultations in 2014 and 2015 is available HERE

To view the Summary and Action Plan Infographic, click here.

The Theatre Engagement Project was supported by 

Greater Vancouver Professional Theatre Alliance  |  Vancouver, BC, Canada  |