Metro Theatre

Conveniently located at the foot of the on ramp to the Arthur Lang Bridge at the foot of Granville and SW Marine Drive.  The theatre is right next door to Walker's Doors on the east side and Budget Car Sales on the west side.  There is a small "free" parking lot next door to Walker's Doors that is available for theatre patrons, as well as free "street parking" on SW Marine Drive.  Under the bridge ramp are two "Pay" parking lots. 

Metro Theatre is a 366 seat venue with an upstairs licensed lounge and a sensor-sound system for the hard of hearing.  The theatre puts on an 8 production season plus a traditional British Christmas pantomime every year.  Metro offers season subscriptions as well as individual reservations and sales at the door.

Phone: 604-266-7191
1370 SW Marine Drive
Vancouver, BC
V6P 5Z9
Venue has accessibility for viewers requiring wheelchair support Venue has accessibiltiy for viewers requiring hearing support

Past Events


    London,1914. A motley group of women declare war and battle their way to change the world and win the vote. Hammers in your muffs, ladies Oct 16 - Nov 1, 2014
  • The Last Five Years

    An emotionally powerful and intimate musical about two New Yorkers in their twenties who fall in and out of love over the course of five years. The show’s unconventional structure consists of Cathy, the woman, telling her story backwards while Jamie, the man, tells his story chronologically; the two characters only meet once, at their wedding in the middle of the show. May 5 - 5, 2014
  • Emma

    Meet Emma – one of Jane Austen’s best known and most loved heroines. The story of a spoiled and mischievous young evening of wit and social satire May 19 - Jun 16, 2012
  • Ali Baba

    Metro Theatre was the first to bring this British tradition to Vancouver and has done so ever since. A traditional British Christmas Pantomime that is popular in the holiday season Dec 16 - Jan 7, 2012
  • My Three Angels

    Comedy based on the French play, La Cuisine Des Anges. It tells of the interaction between a family of French colonists and three prisoners who help them with there circumstances. Nov 5 - Dec 3, 2011
  • Making A Killing

    A playwright, his conniving producer, and his actress wife hatch a plot to guarantee their new play will be a success: by faking the suicide of the playwright on opening night. Oct 1 - 29, 2011
  • False Pretences

    By Eric Chappell. A couple with in-law problems. The just-out-of-jail brother of the wife plants himself in their home for an indeterminate time. Mayhem ensues! Aug 27 - Sep 24, 2011
  • Harvey

    By Mary Chase. Jun 18 - Jul 16, 2011
  • Haunted

    A comedy/thriller by Eric Chappell. May 7 - Jun 4, 2011
  • 42nd Street

    The source from which all modern musicals flow: An ailing Broadway director returns to produce one final show, but his leading lady is injured and must be replaced by a novice. Apr 2 - 30, 2011
  • The Dining Room

    by A.R. Gurney. An affectionate but also powerfully sardonic look at the American petty bourgeoisie of New England in the middle of the twentieth century. Feb 19 - Mar 19, 2011
  • Here On The Flight Path

    A hilarious look at a screwed-up nerd's relationship with three attractive women that rips the lid off male-female relationships. Sunday Matinees 2pm Jan 23 and Feb 6. Jan 15 - Feb 13, 2011
  • Cinderella

    a traditional English Pantomime, produced by the theatre who first brought English pantomimes to Vancouver! Written and adapted by: Johnny Duncan Dec 18 - Jan 8, 2011
  • Spirit Level

    A ghost story with comedic overtones by Pam Valentine Nov 6 - Dec 4, 2010
  • The Unexpected Guest

    Agatha Christie's brilliant murder mystery loaded with the usual red herrings. Oct 2 - 30, 2010
  • Brighton Beach Memoirs

    a coming of age comedy offering a hilarious portrait of the American family by Neil Simon. Aug 28 - Sep 25, 2010
  • Twentieth Century

    Ludwig's adaptation of Ben Hecht and Charles MacArthur's 1932 screwball comedy. Jun 19 - Jul 17, 2010
  • And Then There Were None

    By Agatha Christie In this famous play, a variety of people form different walks of life are lured to a remote island by various means and then, one by one are murdered May 8 - Jun 5, 2010
  • Opening Night

    While celebrating their anniversary at the theatre the Tisdales meet the director and the actors who have problems of their own. Apr 3 - May 1, 2010
  • A Nice Family Gathering

    In a holiday family gathering emotions run high and children reveal things about themselves that their parents don't always want to hear. Feb 27 - Mar 27, 2010
  • Strictly Murder

    British Thriller Jan 16 - Feb 13, 2010
  • Dick Whittington and his Cat

    Highlight of the festive season with many of the usual pantomime favourites back again to entertain you Dec 18 - Jan 9, 2010