What’s on

  • Ultimate Improv Championship

    Thursdays at 9:15pm UIC is Vancouver's most dangerous improv and pits two blood-thirsty teams of improvisers against each other in a non-stop timed challenge. May 8 - Dec. 31, 2014 Vancouver TheatreSports™ League
  • A Midsummer Night's Dream

    Shakespeare’s beloved masterpiece carries you away to a world of mischief, magic and hilarious confusion for star-crossed lovers and a fairy queen. Directed by Dean Paul Gibson. June 11 - Sept. 20, 2014 Bard on the Beach
  • Cymbeline

    All is not as it appears after a young woman defies her father to follow her heart, in this powerful tale of love, treachery and redemption. Directed by Anita Rochon. June 11 - Sept. 17, 2014 Bard on the Beach
  • Equivocation by Bill Cain

    Shakespeare is commissioned to write a play about the Gunpowder Plot, only to discover that writing the truth can be deadly...Written by Bill Cain and directed by Michael Shimata. June 11 - Sept. 19, 2014 Bard on the Beach
  • The Tempest

    A storm rages, a ship is destroyed and everyone aboard is tossed into the sea. It seems all hope is lost – but this is no ordinary tempest... Directed by Meg Roe. June 12 - Sept. 18, 2014 Bard on the Beach
  • September 2014

  • ...didn't see that coming

    Beverley Elliott’s funny and moving collection of autobiographical stories which take the audience on a comedic romp from small town Ontario to Vancouver’s gay bars and red carpets September 5 - 14, 2014 Vancouver Fringe Festival
  • Cannibal: the Musical

    A musical comedy sure to tempt your taste buds from the twisted mind of Trey Parker of South  Park/ Book of Mormon fame!  A singin’, dancin’, flesh eatin’ toe tapper!    September 6 - 14, 2014 Awkward Stage
  • October 2014


    London, 1914. A motley group of women declare war and battle their way to change the world and win the vote. Hammers in your muffs, ladies! October 3 - 12, 2014 Vital Spark Theatre
  • Avenue Q

    The Broadway musical for adults. Like your life. Only funnier, and with puppets. Oct. 4 - Nov. 9, 2014 Arts Club Theatre Company

    London,1914. A motley group of women declare war and battle their way to change the world and win the vote. Hammers in your muffs, ladies Oct. 16 - Nov. 1, 2014 Vital Spark Theatre
  • January 2015

  • The Odd Couple

    THE CLASSIC COMEDY OF MISMATCHED ROOMIES Jan. 9 - Feb. 4, 2015 Arts Club Theatre Company
  • February 2015

  • The Foreigner

    A TOP-SECRET FARCE Feb. 18 - March 14, 2015 Arts Club Theatre Company
  • Ongoing

  • TheatreSports™

    Fridays & Saturdays, 9:30pm Wednesdays 7:30pm. Two teams of performers are pitted against each other in competitive improv matches. Vancouver TheatreSports™ League at The Improv Centre