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The 18th annual MAKING A SCENE Conference takes place on Tuesday, June 20, 2017 at the vibrant Anvil Centre. 

This year's theme Falling Forward takes a look at the rich history of our theatre community, the steps we are taking now, and envisioning the possibilities of our future.

The day-long conference will kick off with a panel discussing "lessons learned" from organizations that faced exceptional challenges and decisions. Vicki Stroich , Executive Director of Alberta Theatre Projects will speak about their recent $400k funding campaigning, due in part by the 77% reduction in corporate sponsorships, while also exploring their steps toward a more sustainable business model.

John Wright, former Artistic Director of Blackbird Theatre, will share his experience about their recent closure after 12 years of producing classical theatre to Vancouver audiences.

Attendees will then have the opportunity to participate in a selection of breakout sessions, ranging in topics including: artist and audience accessibility; the incorporation of technology into performance; individual health and wellness; and audience development. 

Join the conversation.

This year's Making A Scene conference will use ASL interpreters. We hope to see you there.

Time  Location  Activity 
 09:30 - 10:00 am   Registration 

 10:00 - 10:20 am  Theatre Opening Remarks

Starting the day off with Opening Remarks from Executive Director
Kenji Maeda and guests.

 10:20 - 11:30 am  Theatre Panel: Falling Forward

Speakers: Vicki Stroich (Alberta Theatre Projects),
John Wright (Blackbird Theatre)

Moderator: Dawn Brennan (Urban Ink)

The day-long conference kicks off with a panel discussing "lessons learned"
from organizations that faced exceptional challenges and decisions. Vicki
Stroich, Executive Director of Alberta Theatre Projects will speak about
their recent $400k fundraising campaign, due in part by the 77% reduction
in corporate sponsorships, while also exploring their steps toward a more
sustainable business model. John Wright, former Artistic Director of 
Blackbird Theatre, will share his experience about their recent closure after
12 years of producing classical theatre to Vancouver audiences.

 11:30 - 11:45 am  Theatre  Vocal Eye Demonstration

Steph Kirkland (Vocal Eye)
 11:45 - 12:00 pm   Break

 12:00 - 01:15 pm  Breakout Room 1  Session Option #1: Setting Boundaries

Guests: Peter Jorgensen, Donna Soares, mia susan amir

Moderator: David Jordan

An Artists' and Administrators' guide to Health and Wellness. How do
we work toward a balance to reduce the risk of emotional and physical
burn out? When and how do we make decisions about volunteering our
time and artistic practice? What practical options are their for administrators
to create a more efficient and productive work place?

  Breakout Room 2  Session Option #2: Access to Theatre

Guests: Adam Warren, Jessica Leung, Steph Kirkland

Moderator: Carole Higgins

How we do ensure that theatre is accessible to artists and audiences?
What do companies and other artists need to consider when opening
up the space for everyone to feel welcome and invited to create,
participate, and observe? This session will provide practical advice
for those working in theatre, including directors, performers,
and marketing professionals.

  Breakout Room 3  Session Option #3: The Art of Multimedia and Technology in Performance

Guests: Kim Collier (Electric Company), Carey Dodge (Boca del Lupo),
Keely O'Brien, June Fukumura

Moderator: Lois Dawson

How do you effectively incorporate multimedia and technology in
performance? What is the value of using it in performance, and
how has it changed the world of storytelling? What impact does the
use of this new artistic tool have on traditionally multimedia-less
performances and expectations of audiences? 

 01:15 - 02:15 pm   Lunch Break 

 02:15 - 03:30 pm Breakout Room 1  Session Option #1: Real Community Engagement

Rohit Chokhani, David Ng, Andrea Loewen

Moderator: Bonnie Sun

In this session we will interrogate value-added programming (eg talkbacks)
and the value they bring to a performance and audience. How should they
be structured, who leads them and who benefits from them? Explore social
media and other traditional and non-traditional marketing techniques and
ways of communicating with your audience. What does real community
engagement even mean?   

 02:15 - 03:30 pm Breakout Room 2 Session Option #2: Business of Performing

Guests: Kim Barsanti (Talent Agent), Omari Newton

Moderator: Alison Kelly

What does it mean to be a working theatre actor? Do actors really do theatre
for the passion and film & tv for the money? Is working in film a requirement
now to try and survive? Let's explore lessons learned from industry professionals
on what it means to be a performer where the product is you.  

 02:15 - 03:30 pm Breakout Room 3  Session Option #3: Sponsorship Fundamentals

Guests: Kenji Maeda

A fast and furious crash course on private sector sponsorship, including
an understanding of the sponsorship cycle from planning and prospecting, 
making an approach, pitching and stewarding.

 03:30 - 03:45 pm   Break 

 03:45 - 04:30 pm  Theatre  Presentation: Looking Back, Looking Forward

Guests: Bill Millerd, Emilie Leclerc, Chris Lam, Maiko Yamamoto

 04:30 - 04:45 pm  Theatre  Closing Remarks 

The Anvil Centre is located just steps away from the New Westminster Skytrain station.

The 2017 Making A Scene Conference is organized with the support of Front Row Insurancethe Anvil Centre and MAX Metro Arts Xperience

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