Please Take Note:
New Direction for The 2015 Actors Symposium




This annual 2-day session focuses on the knowledge and skills needed to support theatre actors in their careers, beyond their artistic training and experience. This event is for GVPTA members only.


New Information Regarding the 2015 Actor's Symposium

 The GVPTA is first and foremost a membership organization. We truly believe in the power of member feedback. We look at our events as opportunities for our members and the arts community at large, to develop individually and together as artists and to reflect the current needs of this specific community.

Based on the feedback from our April 8th UGA Auditioning Salon for Actors, it has been brought to our attention that what actors in our community are actually looking for is ongoing professional development opportunities. As a result, we have decided to refocus the April 23 & 24 Actors Symposium and reformat it into a series of seminars to take place on an ongoing basis. Those that have already purchased tickets for the 2015 Actors Symposium will be personally contacted.

Watch this website for updates.

We look forward to seeing all of you for the April 29th Making a Scene Conference.