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Each spring the GVPTA holds Unified General Auditions (UGAs), an opportunity for local theatre actors to be seen by casting directors from throughout the region. The 2017 UGAs are set for March 21 and 22, with the Qualifiers February 15 and 16.


All GVPTA members are entitled to attend the UGAs: theatre companies can send up to two directors, and individuals can attend either as a performer or an independent casting director. (Not a GVPTA member yet or need to renew your membership? Check out

Performers have up to three minutes during the UGAs to audition in front of all participating casting directors (two minutes during the Qualifiers and during the optional musical auditions). Before attending the UGAs in March, performers who are not members of an actors’ union must attend the Qualifiers in February or have qualified for the UGAs in previous years.*

“The UGAs was a great opportunity to showcase my work and to familiarize myself with various theatre companies (because there are a lot of them). Through the process, an emerging artist such as myself was able to branch out of my own comfort zone and work with theatre communities that I normally do not work with.”  ~A.M. (Performer, 2016 UGAs)

Performers interested in attending should check out this web page for details on the process they need to follow.

Casting directors who attend the UGAs will receive a headshot and resume for each attending performer so they can directly contact those performers they wish to see for a specific callback at a later date. Directors interested in attending should check out this web page for more information.

NOTE: The 2017 deadline for performer AND director applications was March 1 for UGAs.

The UGAs are held and managed on the principle of diversity. We invite performers from all backgrounds including, but not limited to: race, ethnicity, indigeneity, gender, gender identification, sexual orientation, class, and physical ability. As well, our audition panel of directors is meant to reflect as large a cross-section of theatre companies and casting directors as possible.

Web pages with more information:
UGAs – Information for performers:
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UGAs – Frequently asked questions: 

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