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Blog post by Heather Evens: Almost a Stepmom

Friday, March 17, 2017 11:00 AM | GVPTA (Administrator)

Almost a Stepmom by Keara Barnes

Reflections by GVPTA blogger Heather Evens

Keara Barnes planned a six-month trip to Ireland. She ended up staying 2+ years, and almost became a stepmom. What happened to her during those 2+ years is the basis of her solo show, aptly named, Almost a Stepmom.

Throughout the story, we meet the key players in Keara’s life in Dublin, and we learn what made her stay (spoiler alert: her heart), and ultimately, what made her leave (also spoiler: her gut).  We learn that her journey to almost stepmom-dom and back took Keara through the full gamut of emotions and experiences, and we get to re-live those with her through this show. My friend said that at one point in the show, she had to consciously regulate her breathing because she was getting caught up in Keara’s struggles. That’s a testament to the kind of ride we were taken on during this production – Keara puts her heart and soul into the story and into the performance.

Almost a Stepmom started out as a 30-minute show that had a successful run at two different Fringe Festivals. Keara was then encourage by her friends to tell more of the story, which led her to this expanded version currently running as part of Vancouver’s Celtic Fest.

We’ve all done crazy things in the name of love, and Keara’s show is an entertaining retelling of one of hers. I don’t know I’d have the courage to open myself up like that and tell such a personal life story in front of an audience. Kudos, Keara, for bringing your story to life and sharing it with us! If the audience’s reaction opening night was any indication, you’ve got a hit on your hands!

Almost a Stepmom is being produced by Standing Room Only Theatre, as part of Celtic Fest. It’s running until March 18. Info and tickets are through Good news – If you miss the show this week, it'll be back in town during the Vancouver Fringe Festival in September.

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